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We Organically Grew 40X In 2016 & Processed More Than A Million US Dollars: Ankit Singh Of MyPoolin

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In every group of friends, there is one who dons the role of the organiser. He/She takes charge of planning every party/trip the group participates in. Although this planner usually enjoys being in the thick of things and ironing out every minute hurdle that could potentially disrupt the event at hand, there is one thing…

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We Braved Cash Burn, Near Shutdown, Pivot & Attrition To Become Revenue-Driven & Profitable: Guiddoo’s Itinerary of its Inspiring Journey

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It all started when Nidhi Varma (co-founder of Guiddoo) and I visited Paris as she had always wished to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower with her someone special. This wish originated right from the day when she landed in Paris as a cabin crew member with Yemenia Airways and had a window view…

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