Mumbai-Based Tapaswi Group Launches Billennium Divas Angel Fund For Women Entrepreneurs & Startups

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Tapaswi Group Ventures has announced the launch of the Billennium Divas Angel Fund, in collaboration with Navi Mumbai Angel Network (NAMAN).

The angel fund was soft-launched last week at the FICCI ‘Road To GES’ by actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Maharashtra State BJP spokesperson Shweta Shalini and South Indian film actress and producer Vishakha Singh.

The Mumbai-based Billennium Divas Angel Fund is dedicated to women entrepreneurs and women-centric startups in Maharashtra.

Tapaswi Group Ventures also announced their upcoming Startup Investors Summit 2017 in Mumbai. The objective of the event is to increase the number of angel investors and facilitate the growth of more startups in the country. It will bring together more than 100 speakers, 500+ startup investors and up to 1,000 startups from across the globe.

The dignitaries attending the summit include Devendra Fadnavis (Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra), Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar (Minister of Labour and Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of Maharashtra), Anirudh Damani (Managing Partner at Artha Venture Fund), and Sanjay Mehta (Angel, PE Investor and Director CORE Media), among others.

This will be the second in the country after the SAHA fund which is for the women and by the women angel syndicate, encouraging and empowering women entrepreneurs in Maharashtra to start with and India to grow more towards it.




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